How to use a phone


GET TO THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!

I have a saying,

“People who insist on doing everything on the phone.
People who want you to be their secretary.
Same People.”

Seriously, as our ways of communicating continue to simultaneously multiply and fragment into tiny little pieces of etiquette less transmission, people seem to have forgot (or never learned) the very basics of professional communication.

Gone are the days when someone picked up the phone and said “Hi this is so and so, can I help you”.   You are lucky to get a “what” or an answer at all.  What is most likely is that you will be talking to a voice mail.   Conceptually, a voice mail leaves a strong impression if done right and can cost you a gig if down wrong.  This is based on the simple theory that if you cannot properly execute a voice mail you probably suck in general (as far as being professional).   This industry is too hard to deal with slackers or laziness.

Here are the do’s and don’ts if you want a call back.

Make sure you have a good connection.  You won’t know if your vm is inaudible.

1: Leave your name FIRST (say it slowly and clearly)
2: Leave your Phone Number second.
3: Leave a clear to the point message about what you want and the best way to reach you.
4: Give the recipient enough information so that he can effectively respond.

1.) Don’t babble.  Plan what you are going to say and say it.
2.) Don’t leave your phone number and name at the end of the message.  The recipient will have to listen to the whole message to retrieve it, if he does not write it down properly.
3) When it comes to your name and number, slow the hell down.  Yes, you have said it 1000 times but the recipient has not heard it before, so say it slow enough to write down.  It is in fact the single most important info you are offering.
4.)  If you are not getting a response, then follow up with an email, or review the persons listed contact info.  Many, many, many people will not do business on the phone.  Especially people who work in loud environments.
5.) Don’t not leave a message.   Just because you call everyone on your received phone call list does not mean anyone else will.   And many people will not pick up the phone if they don’t know what the conversation will be about.
5.)Don’t guilt trip the recipient as to how many times you called or who else you called or whatever.   You, may very well be the reason there is no response.  Nobody wants to work with a whiner.  Respect the fact that some people are either too busy to get to you in the time frame you want them too or that they may not be interested in what you are offering.   Nobody every said the whiny wheel gets the oil.
6.) Always follow up a deal in writing or you have nothing.  Just words and air.