Transcendance descended


My response to someone complaining about not being able to make a living off of recorded music because of the “internet”.

I had a club for five years and not one artist has asked for a residency. Meanwhile another local venue sells out every Tuesday night with the same band for four years. What has been neglected is the fan base, not audio recordings. The process of including fans, building and educating them about the art is at an all time low. The only people that drop in, or try new original material are the blues guys during the jams. They are the only real live musicians left in what was once the Mecca (Bay Area). I used to hear more great new songs in a week then I’ve heard in a year and we did not have the Internet, we had our shoes and our ears and artist who wanted to be with us.

Now, I guess, musicians sit in front of recording devices wondering what the hell happened. Blasting material out into cyberspace like a message in a bottle cast from an island, looking for a cruise liner to pick it up and bring them a nice juicy steak. And to be fair, the labels where destroying live music long before Napster. It was just a more concrete illusion. What we have now is a serious audience issue, they dummied em down, taught them how to eat crap and stuck little head phones in their ears like little umbilical cords feeding them just enough garbage to kill any craving for better. And most musicians just sit, watch it, cast their line and hope they can get a little piece.